pry bars are your friend for floor demo. an air duster can also come in handy


The only non-standard home tool you may need in your demolition is a hand held grinder (don't forget eye protection and a mask!).

Make sure to hit any rusted bolts you plan to unscrew (vs. grind off) with PB Blaster and let them soak/saturate for at least 10 minutes.


Removal and recycling

The removal of the seats can be done with a grinder. Some folks have had success paying a tire mechanic to use the pneumatic wrench to remove the seats. An hour of labor price can save a lot of frustration. The seat belts can be reused (@pragmaticwonder used them for their couch) but usually people have to landfill the seats themselves. Consider repurposing the cushions to make standing mats, palm rests, etc.


There are two layers to the floors, the first is usually a rubber type layer and then plywood. It is recommended you remove both check for rust, repair and then place at a minimum new plywood over the top.

Sometimes the plywood is nailed into the steel floor/chassis. If you dual-wield pry bars while removing these nails, take caution to avoid catching a thumb/finger between your pry tools.