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All about the Bus. The types of buses, buying a bus, mechanical issues and related pages.

Types of Buses

There are many different types of buses and vans from the shorty cutaway to the MCI (think Greyhound) buses. Each have positive and negatives.

See Types of Buses for more info.
Also see Other Vehicles.

Buying a Bus

Buying a bus like buying a car can be simple or difficult. A lot depends on how much research you perform before you start the purchase process. However, one of the items that many people ignore when budgeting for the purchase is that 99% of all buses, no matter their mechanical condition will need NEW tires before you put any considerable miles on the vehicle. New tires on a bus can cost 1800.00 - 5000.00 or more.

Note: This is not a recommendation. This is a safety issue. You do not want to be going down the road in a 15,000lb vehicle and have 2 tires blow out.

See So you want to buy a bus for more info.


The Build

(Brief summary, there's a dedicated page for The Build.)
See The Build for more info.


Information related to specific manufacturer and their respective buses. For example the Thomas C2 series.

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